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Do you recognise this?

Is your company's margin under pressure?

Are your customers professionalising their buying practices?

Do you discuss the price of your product or service more than before?

Your business is (being) commoditised!

Your business is (being) commoditised!

Today most business-to-business companies struggle to differentiate themselves. Services are sold in similar ways and not surprisingly potential customers see them as all the same.


As a result, companies fail to be meaningful to their customers resulting in the erosion of margin and reduction of new business wins. Research indicates that commoditisation has accelerated and is now common in B2B markets.


Accelerate your revenue growth by fully understanding the value impact of your solutions in different customer segments. Business Acceleration offers a unique approach to position you as the specialist in your markets.

‘We’re all the same’ is a sigh we hear often when we confront senior managers in business to business companies with the sales pitches used in their industry. Is this a reflection of reality? Have purchasing professionals pushed all providers into the same moult? Is there no room for a different message. Has the B2B world turned grey?


It shouldn’t be. In most companies we see engaged people providing great solutions for their customers. The challenge we see is that they are unable to explain their uniqueness and their value. In stead, they join the ranks of companies that claim having the best staff, being very reliable, customer focused, agile, professional, etc. without providing any specifics nor a shred of evidence. No wonder that purchasers exploit this weakness to get to the lowest price.


Our purpose is to bring back colour in how companies sell their products and services. We want to help you to discover your company’s unique value and accelerate revenue and profit growth. We want to make your company the expert or specialist in your line of business.

We used to have a broad range of products and services with insufficient connection between them. That changed once we started working with Business Acceleration. They showed us how we could segment and connect our portfolio. We now win more new customers and up-sell to existing customers.

Willemien Brand – Creative Director, Buro Brand