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What makes projects (not) work?
Do you know that: 

Most strategic projects (70%) fail to deliver?

The quality of the plan or business case is a poor predictor for success?

Effective engagement of your target group is critical for success?

You need to work to make it work!

You need to work to make it work!

We mean this quite literally. Making projects successful comes down to continuous hard work, more so than having a brilliant plan. All stakeholders in the organisation have to pull their weight for a long period of time to deliver lasting change. This cannot be outsourced, no matter how brilliant your consultant is. This is why we work with and lean on your organisation during our value discovery and value proposition implementation. We work together with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is involved, contributing and learning by doing.

We developed and tested a common sense approach to make your marketing and sales teams much more effective. In five steps we create and implement value propositions that your sales staff feels confident about, your marketing professionals embrace and that your customers recognise and buy.


The first step in building successful value propositions is to define your company’s playing fields. With a unique approach to senior management interviews, workshops and systems we help you to determine exactly what solution you (should) offer to which markets.

Gaining customer insights

Your existing customers hold the key to finding your company’s true value. They know the impact of your services on their processes. Together with psychologists and survey specialists we developed an interview approach that delivers valuable and fact driven customer insights.

Value proposition development

We take your sales team through an intensive and productive workshop to digest all customer insights and translate these into your value propositions. This workshop gets your teams engaged and builds their understanding of the value impact of your services compared to the next best alternative.

Service design

The next step is to take a bigger perspective with the end customer/user in mind. All people, processes and systems that create, support and sell the service are carefully reviewed and redesigned where needed. As a result you will not only have excellent marketing and sales material, but an entire organisation supporting the sales efforts.


When frontline staff feel ownership, there is a 70% chance of successful change. Our partners have extensive experience in training (incl. Rotterdam School of Management, IMD and Insead), high performance team building and coaching (Newfield USA).