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Do it yourself or call an expert?

When working on a major update of our website we had a first-hand experience of the value an expert can bring in areas where you lack knowledge and/or skill.


Wanting to improve …

We hope you like our new website. The previous version was two years old and needed an overhaul. While we worked, learned and evolved, our website stayed practically the same. While we became specialists in the field of creating and implementing strong value propositions, our website emphasised our broad experience and expertise. When you think of it, the website did not properly reflect our uniqueness and value. Not so good, because that is exactly the core of our business (helping our customers find, sell and communicate their uniqueness and value). For this new release of our website we narrowed our scope and sharpened our proposition.

The look and feel also needed more work. We did not want stock photo’s anymore. We longed for something unique.


Not being good enough

We rolled up our sleeves as usual and started to think, draw and discuss. There were concepts considered, mock-ups made and long discussions held. During the process we realised that we are no expert at this. Clearly, we became consciously incompetent. We needed help!


Finding an expert

Once you realise that you need help, things can go fast. We coincidentally ran into an expert at a party. Someone who does graphics for a living. We briefed him on what Business Acceleration is about, what we wanted to achieve with our website and the initial ideas we had. He studied all carefully and came up with fantastic concepts. He involved us in every step of the creative journey and welcomed our feedback and ideas. It felt good to have an expert on board while still having influence.

One of our learnings, besides staying close to our core competencies, was to make the visuals not too obvious. No more shaking hands on our ‘contact’ page! Good artwork leaves something to the imagination. Please have a look around and see what messages you see in the illustrations. And of course, it is fine if you just enjoy them. Thank you Rafaël Croonen for a job well done!

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